The Origin Of Pasta

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The pasta's world is like an ever-changing kaleidoscope. It is said that the amount and the number of species are at least five hundred. With a combination of the changes in sauces, there are thousands of pasta can be made. When mentioned the origin of pasta, one saying is that it derived from the ancient Rome, and another is said to from China and through the Sicily then spread throughout the Europe by Marco Polo. As the legal material for pasta, durum wheat has the highest quality; it has the characteristics of high density and high content in protein. All these characteristics made pasta delicious and popular with people.

The earliest formation of pasta can be cast back to 13th and 14th century, and it is very familiar with the pasta that we eat today. After the Renaissance, the species of pasta and sauces have gradually enriched with the arts.

The initial manufacturing method of edible dough is to press them into a paper-like tissue, and cover on the food, and then put them into oven. Later, people have figured out to cut the dough into small pieces or make it thin noodles. However, that is the Arabs have the idea to make noodles dry and store it.

With the appearance of tomato and the following breed improvement, people in Napoli in Italy first used the tomato to make sauce, and add it to noodles. Therefore, noodles became very popular, even the royalty have been attracted. The authentic spaghetti is made from the repression of the mold that made from copper, due to the thick and convex appearance, the surface of spaghetti is more easily to stick the sauces and this make the noodles with a better taste.

In addition to the primary taste of noodles, other colorful noodles are made with mix of vegetables, such as, noodles mixed with tomatoes, cuttlefish and eggs.

Basically, the sauces of pasta can be divided into red sauce and white sauce. Red sauce is made of tomato, while the white is made of flour, milk and cream. Besides, there is also the olive -oil seasoned noodles and the vanilla sauce.

The southern Italian people like to eat the dry pasta, while the fresh one is popular in the north. Generally speaking, pasta is used as the first dish, the seafood pasta is always accompanied by white wine, and pasta with heavy sauce is accompanied by red wine.
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The Origin Of Pasta

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This article was published on 2010/11/10
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