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Tell me whay you eat and I will tell you who you are.

Have you ever heard of that ?

Another one would be tell me who you eat with and I will guess your soul deepest dreams.

Should I continue, or maybe you are interested in some other more esquisite juices ?

well enough...

I am an Italian, not actually as simple as that, I am an Italian of african origins. I have in my heart, my sould and my brain so many different cultures, and recipies that one entire book will not be enough to tell you all about that.

I have some passions, among those the one I am fond of is cooking and of course the mian thing that comes after that: eating.

I like fine cuisine.

Let me tell you about this favourite dish of mine: pasta puutanesca

I still remember how when I was a kid, I use to seat on suday lunches on those long table with my grand mama, who used to make for us this excellent pasta.

It was beautifull being together around the table to enjoy each other's company and to talk to one another.

We lived together at those times. Not so much interedted in video games we were the youngsters and not so much interested in tv were our parents, family was everything.

Let's cut the chase and teach you something to delight your mouth.


Here is the traditional recipe of pasta puttanesca:

400 gr. spaghetti
50 gr. stoned black olives
a handful of capers
4 or 5 anchovy fillets
two cloves of garlic
500 gr. fresh tomatoes or peeled
a chili

Separately chop the capers, pitted olives and parsley. Fry thepeeled garlic in a little 'oil and when golden brown, remove it and remove the pan from the heat.
Allow to cool a little 'oil, add the anchovy fillets, pulped with a forkand add capers and olives, and tomatoes (previously peeled andcut to pieces if you use fresh ones) and chilli. Add a bit 'of salt andcook over medium heat for about 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, cook pasta, drain and mix with sauce in pan, add the chopped parsley.

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How to cook pasta puttanesca

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This article was published on 2011/03/22