Gruyere Cheese Recipes: The Awesome Birthday Treat

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My best friend called me up to tell me she is spending the night with me and will be sleeping at my home.  Her statement was actually a surprise for me.  Her action was quite unexpected.  Thinking deeply, I recalled that it is her special day.  She frequently celebrates her birthday with friends or her nanny instead of having her mom and dad beside her.  Birthdays are joyous event and I want her to have one so I wanted to make it memorable. We have been friends for a long time and I am oriented on her pleasures and distastes. I know she’ll be delighted if I serve her our much loved Egg Fettuccine with butter, Gruyere, and toasted walnuts.

Surveying my supplies at the kitchen, I already have Egg Fettuccine, butter and toasted walnuts, but I’m out of stock of aged Gruyere cheese.  To complete the ingredients, I have to drop by the gourmet cheese shop.  Everything is set, and then I’m on the go.  Luckily, 30 minutes is just enough to accomplish this dish.  I heated a large pot of water until boiling point. I immersed the Egg Fettuccine in the boiled water and sprinkled some salt. I cooked the pasta until firm. But while cooking the pasta, I remove the ½ cup of its water and set it aside. When the pasta is firm enough, I drain the pasta in a colander. After straining, I returned the pasta with the ½ cup of water, six ounces of coarsely shredded Gruyere (excluding the rind), and two tablespoons of butter into the pot over medium heat.  Mixing in circular motion, the cheese and butter is allowed to fully melt with the pasta. I removed the pot from the heat and stir in the two ounces of chopped toasted walnuts. I sprinkle some salt and pepper for flavor.  Mission accomplished.

A few minutes later, my best friend arrives.  I gave her a dozen of fresh tulips and balloons while humming the birthday tune.  I led her to the place where the Egg Fettuccine with butter, Gruyere Cheese and toasted walnuts lies. A wide smile administers her beautiful face. She gave me a tight hug and whispered thank you to my ear. We chat cheerfully while eating my prepared dish.  I am delighted I made her happy in my simple means.  Gruyere cheese only brings us a sense of fulfillment and happiness.  Gruyere cheese is ideal to use with pasta. Make the different preparations of Gruyere be part of the important events of your life.  Buy Gruyere at the best cheese shop or through the internet.

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Gruyere Cheese Recipes: The Awesome Birthday Treat

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Gruyere Cheese Recipes: The Awesome Birthday Treat

This article was published on 2011/08/10