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Americans and many other countries in the world have only recently warmed to term pasta. Having made only spaghetti and macaroni for generations the term authentic Italian pasta recipes was truly a blank canvas.

Home cooks and chefs today are becoming more sophisticated about what really are authentic Italian recipes. Well, Italian recipes are and can be simple or elaborate, practical or as foolish, store bought or made at home. But even more today, Italian recipes had become the world's most important culinary art, and almost where ever you go you will find an Italian restaurant on the corner of a road.

In the beginning people didn't knew much about how to boil pasta, missing some of the basic information. At the question: "How much water and salt does one need for one pound of Italian pasta?" S/he wouldn't  probably answer at all.

Instead today, there are more worse questions that you could be asked to answer for: "Should you add oil to the cooking water?" "How thoroughly should the pasta be drained?" Well, I know that for somebody might be tough to answer. So let me help you from the beginning, in the case that you still don't know today.

Four quarts of water for one pound of Italian pasta, one tablespoon of salt, never add oil to the water, and the pasta should still be slightly wet when drained.

Of course cooking is a combination of objective technique and subjective taste.

Lets move now to Italian pasta sauces determining the best  kind of tomatoes for making sauces, which is of course the diced tomatoes packed in water, not puree are best. When making "pesto" best is to pound the leaves to release the oil, blanch the garlic, and toast the pine nuts. The range of Italian sauces goes well far from simple cream sauces. Had you never tasted those made with beans and lentils? Seafood? Poultry and meat?

Here is where I invite you for further investigations, you will come across new Italian recipes learning the best methods for preparing pasta dishes. From pasta soups, pasta salads, and filled pasta dishes, as well as the basic of pasta making from fresh egg pasta to pasta without eggs. All this and a long tradition had made that endless number of Italian pasta recipes.

I hope that you will enjoy the process of discovery as much as the recipes themselves, made at home as in an authentic Italian restaurant.

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Authentic Italian Pasta Recipes

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This article was published on 2010/03/31